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It’s About Bloomin’ Time!

Stunning DIY Flowers +

Affordable Pricing

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Insta-Ready, Pinterest Worthy, Budget Friendly…

Yes Please!!!


DIY Floral

In 3 Super Simple Steps




choose your collection or mix and match to make your own look + Order Your Floral pieces.


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Chat with your Expert Bloom Consultant to complete your order and wrap up all the details.


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Visit us to pick up absolutely everything you need to DIY the Wedding Flowers of your dream!


A Little Story about

Bride Kennedy

Meet Kennedy.

Kennedy is engaged and so excited to get started on planning her wedding, especially the flowers.

The problem is, Kennedy quickly realizes that her flower taste, and her flower budget, may not be on the same page, or even in the same galaxy!

After a bit of research Kennedy is excited to come across Bloom Box., A DIY floral solution that will give her the quality blooms and look she wants, at a price she can afford, by doing the arrangements and bouquets herself.

Bloom Box will do all the ordering, curate the perfect receipts for her look, prep all her flowers, and give her all the tools + materials she needs to DIY her dream wedding flowers into reality!

The first thing Kennedy does is look through the bloom box collections. She easily builds a custom package with the exact number of bouquets, boutonnieres, corsages + center pieces. she gets all the pieces she needs for so much less than she thought.

Next she schedules a chat with her Expert Bloom Consultant Talk through her order, and get all the details wrapped up.

Kennedy can check back with her Expert Bloom Consultant anytime during her wedding planning to ask questions and get floral advice + she gets access to a personalized client portal chalk full of floral advise and how-to’s.

Kennedy schedules a time a few days before her wedding to pick up her order. from Bloom Box and is so pleased to see she has


she needs, all beautifully packaged, from the blooms & fillers, to the ribbon & wraps, to the pins & floral tape, to the hot glue & even the hot glue gun! All she has to do is follow her Bloom Instructions and detailed Bloom Recipe Cards explaining exactly what to do.

Kennedy grabs her posse, a bottle of wine, her favorite tunes, and gets started on

DIY-ing her dream Wedding Flowers.

Kennedy gets so many compliments on her beautiful flowers the day of her wedding, and she knows she created them from her vision into actuality, all while saving a ton of money!

It’s About Bloomin’ Time!